Police Arrest A Woman For Taking Fries Off The Plate Of Cop Who Bought It For $3.29!

A woman was arrested in Northwest D.C. for stealing three French fries from a police officer who was dining at a U Street eatery.

It all happened at the Italian Pizza Kitchen. A woman allegedly sat down next to the officer and tried to start a conversation, an MPD source told WUSA9.

The source said she then reached down and took a French fry from him as he was eating. The officer asked the woman to stop, but she took another. The police officer again asked the woman to stop, warning her that she was engaging in theft and could be arrested. She proceeded to take another fry, so the officer arrested her, the source said.

In the police report, property stolen is listed as “French fried potato.” Quantity? “Three.” She was charged with second-degree theft.