Playing Chess On A Beautiful Spherical And Magnetized Chessboard

The board took about five weeks to complete from start to finish. Making the set out of wood was an obvious choice for Meyers who grew up around his father’s woodworking.

It is obvious when looking at the beautiful final product that each piece was artfully crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Meyers began by working on the sphere itself. He reports that it turned out to be the most challenging part of the process.

He says “it took a lot of math to figure out each angle of each piece to all fit together.” Once he had the math worked out, he cut square pieces out of Soft Maple for the lighter squares and Walnut for the darker squares. He made small holes in the back of the pieces and inserted magnets. The pieces were then glued into two octagonal halves.

Then came the most nerve-racking part of the process: using the lathe to smooth out the edges while being very careful not to break through to the holes that were holding the magnets.