Pilot Calmly Regains Control After Plane Engine Cuts Out

This is the moment an experienced pilot narrowly avoided a brush with death after his engine cut out mid-flight.

Chad Barber was performing a series of twists and spins above the ground in Coral Springs, Florida, when his engine cut out.

The 26-year-old aviation enthusiast, who was trying to thrust the plane into a vertical line, was left in a state of disbelief when he noticed the propeller at the front of the aircraft had stopped spinning and his plane was nose-diving towards the ground.

Mr Barber, who admits his ‘Pitts Plane’ engine had never cut out before, desperately tries to level the vessel in an attempt to buy some time before trying to get the engine started again.

After a series of failed attempts, Mr Barber appears to accept his fate and begins to locate a potential crash landing spot, navigating away from the town below and towards a gravel dirt track.

Finally, with one last ditch attempt to restart the engine, Mr Barber pulls hard at the lever in front of him with the plane just a few feet from the ground.

Miraculously, the propeller begins to spin again, giving him enough time to swoop upwards into the air and avoid a potentially fatal crash – with Mr Barber letting out an audible sigh of relief.