People Flying Over Massive Speed Bumps In Jersey City

Speed bumps in Jersey City are causing a lot of controversy among residents. Drivers are complaining that the large speed bumps are damaging the bottom of their cars.

“You go up that bump, and then you come back down and you land, it messes up our suspension. They’re everywhere now,” one resident complained.

“You can hear the bottom of your car scraping on the bump. I mean some of them hit pretty hard, especially if it’s a low car,” another resident added.

However, some people are in favor of these new speed bumps for safety reasons because of their strategic location in school areas. “I think they are pretty cool, it prevents you from speeding,” one local driver said.

To make sure that drivers don’t damage their cars, Jersey City released a statement that outlined plans to make some necessary changes to the new speed bumps.

“The city’s number one priority is the safety of our residents, especially of our children. In addition to marking the speed humps with thermoplastic reflective pavement markers, the contractor will also be lowering them,” Jersey City Spokesperson Jennifer Morrill said.

That is great news for those who have had their car damaged by these very large speed bumps, but be cautious because more of those bumps will be constructed soon, especially in areas with a lot of school children.