Passenger Belts Out Song About Having Subway To Herself After Realize She Isn’t Alone

A woman has filmed herself on her phone singing in a subway car thinking she was alone only to realise she wasn’t.

The 31-year-old was on a train home from a comedy show in New York when she noticed her car was empty and decided to serenade her friend with a musical number.

‘Nobody’s on the train with me, it’s just me and me and nobody in the seat. I put my butt in the seat, cos it’s just me,’ she sings.

Grabbing her stuff to get off as her stop is approaching, she realises that she isn’t alone and that there is a man obscured from her view at the back of the train.

The moment didn’t seem to embarrass her too badly as she waves to her secret audience member through the window and wishes him a good night.