Parents Teach Their Daughter a Lesson By Stealing Her Unlocked New Bike Outside a Shop

A pair of frustrated parents taught their daughter a harsh lesson when she failed to lock up her new bike outside a shop by ‘stealing’ it and recording her tearful search for it.

Lucy-Leigh Redfern, 10, had been told by mum Becca Baker, 37, and step-dad Steve Brown to keep her £150 bike locked up with the chain. But when the duo spotted that Lucy had left it unlocked while going in a shop to buy sweets on her half-term break, crafty Steve, 32, ran over to swipe it.

Footage shows little Lucy look around in a panic upon realising her beloved bike is missing, before being left ‘crying and shaking like a leaf’ when a nearby mum with children say they hadn’t seen anything. The primary-school pupil has since shown her friends the video and warned them all to be careful after being shocked by how quick security worker Steve was able to run off with her bicycle.