How To Pack Over 100 Items Into Your Hand Luggage

With the right know-how, you can pack just as many clothes into your small carry-on as you can in a regular suitcase. Rachel Grant shows how to pack more than 100 items in your hand luggage.

At the start, you see an array of items spread out on two beds. You’ll need elastic bands, packing cubes and ziplock bags. Packing smaller, rolled-up items of clothes in ziplock bags will keep them organized as well as let you compress the clothes by letting the air out – kind of like mini-vacuum bags.

She advises you fold similar shaped clothes together and pick lightweight fabrics. Roll clothes to save space. She stuffs shoes with folded socks and ties them with rubber bands to keep them compact.

She then pulls out a tiny suitcase which she claims will contain the huge haul. Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag. Brava, Rachel – those of us who are prone to taking too many clothes on holidays can’t thank you enough.