Only Those Who Have Sleeping Problems Will Understand This Bed Routine

Why is your mind so noisy when you are trying to sleep?

1. In bed, you are alone, or with a loved one. Your defenses are down. There is no social pressure. Your mind is free to consider things other than daytime concerns.

2. You are relaxed. Your fight or flight response is at a minimum.

3. It is dark so you are less concerned with appearances.

4. You are reclined. This means there is more blood flow to the brain.

These four factors alone allow your brain to turn on in ways it may not have been able to throughout the day. Also, we rush home late and jump into bed to get ready for an early day. Everyone needs time to process the day and relax before going to bed.

Is that argument you had with your boss still on your mind? Did you forget to do something important today? Or maybe you are thinking about something you are planning next week…

whatever it is, if it is keeping you awake for more than 20 minutes, you probably haven’t done enough decompressing after your day and you might be better off getting up for a while. Try keeping a journal where you “dump” your days events.

Be aware of other things like caffeine consumption, which can keep you awake, and whether that nap you took has something to do with it. If you still don’t sleep, develop a zen attitude about it.