Old Man Goes On Rant After Elderly Woman Refuses To Give Up Seat

Passenger with a walker launches a racist rant at a black woman on an NYC bus because she did not give up her seat for him.

Chelsea Soriano and her family member, Cris Soriano, were riding a bus from Queens to Manhattan when they caught a man’s racist rant on camera.

The women shared the clip of the Asian man with a walker yelling at a woman of color and using expletives, and wrote a detailed description of the interaction.

The women said the man called them ‘spicks’ and said that ‘Asians are better because they pay taxes and they never go to jail… unlike Brown people’.

‘On top of yelling at this woman… he started ramming his walker on to this poor woman’s legs,’ the post read.

‘He then told her to get out and go back to her country.