Old Couple Proved Only Death Kept Them Apart

“We lived together, we will die together” said the 91-year old John Mollena to his relative in the hospital. He was beside her wife, Angela who was diagnosed with a terminal disease last April and was expected to live not much longer.

In these modern times, we can’t help but wonder if marriages really work because divorce rates are increasing exponentially. It also does not help how light this sacred union is seen by people nowadays. Post a cute story in the social media and many will tear it down as if it was an offensive post.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why their 73 years of love story really resonated with my heartstrings. The moment Angela was brought in the hospital, John followed soon after and they made a way to share a room. The staff were generous enough for them to be beside each other in their final days.

Even in their deathbeds, the two did not forget to show affection to each other every day. Ultimately, they died later due to their old age but their love story was made immortalized by making a short film about them.