Officers Mistake Honda’s Launch Control For Ak47

Every once in a while, when you end up messing around out in the garage, something might happen that ends up having your neighbors dial the cops on you. It’s not always necessarily all that bad, as sometimes, it might be something like a noise complaint but other times, perhaps the sound that is coming from your automobile could be mistaken for gunshots.

This time, a guy who happens to be working at a garage, when all of a sudden, the police decide to show up. According to the officers, they heard some gunfire and decided that they would take it upon themselves to go and check out the noise that they were pretty confident they heard themselves. However, when they get to the scene where they thought it to be coming from, nobody there seemed to want to fess up to having a gun. As you could probably imagine, it’s at this point that the officers end up getting a little bit annoyed, demanding that whoever has the gun to come forward.

After he comes to some sort of understanding, one of the guys from the shop ends up figuring out exactly why the officers heard in the first place. It’s at this point that he tells the officer that it was probably the backfires that he heard and the cops weren’t having any of it!

From there, the officers pretty much demanded that the mechanic replicate the sound and the man obliges, turning on the car and laying into the throttle, at which point, it definitely duplicates the exact sound that the officers heard. Afterward, one officer finally admits faulty and sees where the mistake could’ve been made. As somebody who probably would’ve been on the receiving end of a complaint like this, you can’t help but laugh a little bit.