NSW Woman Pulled Over For Driving Too Slow In Right Lane

A woman who was driving under the speed limit in the right lane of a busy highway has reached viral status after filming her rant when she was pulled over by police.

The woman said it was ‘absolutely disgusting’ that she was pulled over for ‘not going fast enough in a 90 zone’. ‘There’s absolutely no sign telling me I have to take over to drive in the right lane,’ she said in a scathing video, threatening to ‘expose and report’ NSW Police.

She posted the rant on Facebook but later took it down after viewers pointed out the highway patrol officer was well within his rights to pull her over for the offence.

According to road rules in NSW, drivers must keep left unless they want to overtake or turn right on all roads with a speed limit of more than 80km/h or with signage.

But the woman appeared to be unaware of the rule and continued to blast the officer, who was inspecting her license, for pulling her over.