New British Airways Safety Video Is So British It Even Has Mr. Bean

Airplane safety videos aren’t exactly the most riveting cinematic works, but a number of airlines have attempted to up their game lately by entertaining while explaining.

Now, British Airways is showing off its own creative chops by releasing a new video featuring some of Britain’s most notable faces.

Predictably tongue and cheek, we watch as various stars ‘audition’ for a role in the new video: Oscar nominated star Chiwetel Ejiofor is told the part could be his “big break,” celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay fills in for legendary actress Joanna Lumley, and Thandie Newton is praised for her powerful performance when describing where the nearest exits are. Other stars like Ian McKellen and Gillian Anderson also audition for the critical director, played by comedian Asim Chaudhry. Of course, no British film would be complete without a cameo from the character Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson). He makes an appearance at the end of the video, fumbling around his seat for loose change to make a donation to the airline’s Flying Start initiative.