Never Hide Drugs From Your Parents In Your Pants, Especially On Laundry Day

One of the worst things that can happen to any parent is find their weed. But what’s even more horrifying is a parent making an entire vlog about it for their YouTube channel.

This dad introduces his video as any good vlogger might. “Hey Danny what’s up buddy, everybody there. I’m gonna give a shout out to Danny boy. He’s at school right now. He’s making daddy problems right now.”

Dad then pans to the washer, explaining he found the kid’s stash when washing clothes.
Dad explains what “this” is by walking over to a toilet and flushing all of Danny’s weed (don’t worry.

He should have just thrown it away or kept or for himself, because after he flushes the toilet one little nugget pops back up. Damn our American toilets with their low water pressure.

This only infuriates the dad more, who ends up flushing the toilet four more times to get rid of $5 of weed.