Neighbors Help Out When Woman Goes Into Labor During Flooding

Imagine the fear of an untold number of people in Houston and other flooded areas of Texas, trapped in their homes as the flood waters continue to rise. Now imagine the fears of a pregnant mother expecting her first child — and her equally worried husband — as she goes into labor during the frightening ordeal.

Such was the case for Andrea Smith and her husband, Greg, who were trapped in their Houston apartment on Sunday when Andrea went into labor. Thankfully, one human chain and a dump truck later, Andrea, Greg, and baby Adrielle are doing just fine.

As the floodwaters continued to rise, concerned neighbors moved the Smiths to a second-floor apartment. An unnamed man who lives across the street from a local fire department was called, who then waded through the rising waters to tell the firefighters about the trapped couple. A short time later, firefighters arrived in a dump truck to take the couple to the hospital.