Neglected, Abandoned Horse Forms Bond With Golden Retriever At Rescue Shelter

A neglected mini horse has formed a bond with a golden retriever at an animal rescue shelter in Union County. Sammy was found wandering South Carolina streets severely neglected. His bones showed in stark relief beneath his coat and he had trouble walking.

Darlene Kindle of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance in Union County, said that because of severe neglect, she initially was told that Sammy should be euthanized. But Kindle, and her golden retriever Molly, weren’t ready to give up on him.

She asked a veterinarian if Sammy ‘had the will to live in his eyes.’ The vet told her he did and she agreed to take him on, even though it was touch and go at the start and he had lots of medical conditions.

Kindle posted a video of Molly and Sammy which the golden retriever is sitting outside Sammy’s stall and the two gently nuzzle each other.

“Molly is your typical Walmart greeter,” Kindle wrote on Facebook. “She loves everyone including all the animals we have on the farm. She especially loves the minis; she can reach them much easier.

“Sammy, the mini that she is comforting, just came into CERA’s program. He is nothing but skin and bones and scared. Molly truly has an exceptional sense of knowing when one of the animals doesn’t feel good or sad. So she very gently introduces herself. This is her job and she is very good at it as you can see.”

Sammy was taken to CERA after being found by a South Carolina shelter. He weighed about 200 pounds, Kindle said — he should weigh closer to 300.