The Mysterious Living Stones Of Romania, They Can Grow & Move On Their Own

The messages talk about living and growing stones of Romania which are supposedly called Trovants. Yes, it is a fact that these Trovants are stones that have been growing under certain conditions, but as such they are not ‘alive’.

These Trovants of Romania are an amazing geological phenomena, found in a small village named Costesti. Trovants is a synonym for the German term “Sandsteinkonkretionen“, which means Cemented Sand.

They were believed to be a type of sandstone concretion that secrete cement and can appear to grow at times, as if they are alive.

These fascinating ‘living stones’ were thought to consist of a stone core with an outer shell of sand, and after a heavy rain small stone forms are said to appear on the rocks leading them to be dubbed as the “growing stones”.

What’s more interesting is the fact that these Trovants when cut had spherical and ellipsoidal rings similar to the ones of a tree trunk. These growing rocks were thought to look identical and even move like the sliding rocks of Death Valley.

The growth of Trovant stones in Romania is believed to happen when a chemical reaction sets in between the layers of deposits and the mineral carbonates in the presence of rain water. But this process of growth in stones is not well documented yet.