Motorcyclist Takes Injured Stray Cat On Epic Motorcycle Ride To Save His Life

A self-described motovlogger based out of Georgia who goes by the name PistnRods was riding down a back road when he encountered an orange tabby lying down in the middle of the road.

The cat was in obvious distress and panting but allowed the biker to pick him up and put him in the grass.

Without water or food to help the feline, PistnRods decided to do something rash — he tucked the cat in his jacket, got on his motorcycle, and rode home to seek help.

The rider wasn’t sure how the cat, whom he named Eff-Zee, would react to being on a motorcycle. But the little guy did just fine on the hour ride home.

Unfortunately, his injuries were severe. PistnRods took him to a vet, who determined through an x-ray that the cat had a perforated abdomen.

“He didn’t make it. But he had a full stomach, an amazing motorcycle ride and got to drift away peacefully with new friends around him. RIP Eff-Zee,” PistnRods explains at the end of the video.