Most Dangerous Photos People Have Ever Taken

We live in an age where documentation is king. Through social media, we share even menial details from our lives along with photos of moments both notable and hardly so.

With this emphasis on capturing moments, there comes an accompanying desire to present oneself as more interesting and exciting as they might otherwise be.

That has turned some into aggressive paparazzi wannabes in the presence of a famous face and others into selfie stick-toting global travelers. For certain adrenaline junkies, however, there has been an increased embrace of high-risk, high-reward daredevil photography.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the nerves of steel required to say ‘cheese!’ from atop a mountainous skyscraper. After all, not everyone in the world has the courage needed to create an eye-popping snapshot.

Many explorers who embark on daring pursuits of stunning photography have taken the time to properly prepare and train in the art of safe climbing and seeking thrills without necessarily putting their bodies on the line.

The intrepid, fearless folks represented in these 10 instances of dangerous photography all survived their ordeal, with those who deliberately placed themselves in unsafe situations going back for more afterwards.