Moment Horse Sends Rider Flying With A Spectacular Buck

A ride for one woman was all going swimmingly until her horse sent her flying into a pond with an impressive buck.

In the video the animal is seen slowly approaching an area of water as if to test how safe it is.

But after realising the water isn’t dangerous the horse gallops through the pond – making its rider hold on tighter to the reins.

The horse then travels through the obstacle course again and seems to calm down after its moment of excitement. However, when the female rider tries to approach the body of water again the horse goes wild.

Not wanting to go through the motions again the horse leaps from a raised platform before nearing the pond.

The restless animal bucks the female rider from her seat and although she tries to hold on she ends up making a splash. She lands in the water with the person recording the clip saying ‘ouch’ after witnessing the woman’s ordeal.