Mom Was Reduced To a Shouting Mess After This Surprise Bedroom Makeover

While more wives are also becoming working professionals these days, the truth is they still know the house much better than their husbands.

They are relegated to the task of cleaning and making sure that everything is in order there. Of course, men take care of dirty jobs but they do not normally have the patience to clean every single corner of their home.

That makes perfectly normal for wives to be worried when they are away from home. Yet Miles Boyer has another plan in his mind that blew Kate away when she returned home.

He did a total makeover to their bedroom while the kids are sleeping. He repainted the room inch to inch and he even changed the flooring of the room! He also returned the furniture he initially brought outside.

So can you imagine what the reaction of his wife was when she went back?

Cue some bright pink face which reduced her to an exhilarated being. She could only mutter “What the heck” while enjoying her new room.

Seems like someone has earned another good points from his wife. Watch the video below and see how he did this amazing room makeover!