Mom Gives Birth To Twin Baby Girls. 2 Months Later, Doctors Look At Their Bellies And See It…

What are the odds of giving birth to beautiful, identical twin baby girls like Isabella and Madeleine? Alyssa and Michael Dunn considered themselves lucky to bring home two healthy, happy little babies. Their very existence was a gift. Things were going smoothly, until a routine checkup at the doctor turned into every parent’s nightmare. While visiting their pediatrician, he noticed that Madeleine’s belly was swollen.

Madeleine had an ultrasound done, where it was discovered that she had a rare form of infant cancer. Then, more bad news. The doctors discovered that Isabella had the same form of cancer in the exact same place. The outlook wasn’t good. The odds that identical twins would form the exact same kind of cancer at the same time was rare. But the odds that both would survive?