A Minnesota Police Department Just Ended The Running Man Challenge Meme

The “Running Man Challenge” started with bored college athletes, who sought the weirdest, funniest ways to incorporate a 1980s dance move, a 1996 song (“My Boo,” by the Ghost Town DJs), and social media technology.

As often happens, the meme took on a life of its own, and eventually spread far beyond the realm of people we’d traditionally associate with hipness — like college athletes — to people we almost never would. Like cops.

The city of Bloomington uploaded a video featuring some of that enclave’s finest dancing their fully uniformed asses off.

The dancing is about what you’d expect from law enforcement officers. (One guy does a solid take on “the worm,” which is sort of off-topic, but works.) It’s the quality of the video that’s breathtaking.

From its opening scene, with one cop donning what looks like a bomb disposal protective suit, and a hazy pink smoke bomb, this “Running Man Challenge” is a slick piece of filmmaking.