Micro Tiny Homes Changing Lives.

To many of us a 60 square foot shelter would not seem like much of a home. For people sleeping on benches or in tents it is a wonderful thing.

Infinity Village is the dream child of Dwayne A. Jones and Rev. Jeff Carr. Mr. Jones and Rev. Carr were college roommates, and have worked together to serve the needy many times. On a missionary trip in Haiti, the men decided they needed to something for those closer to home.

Jones, who owns a construction company, built the first micro home and parked it on Monroe Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Rev. Carr moved in and vowed to remain there until $50,000 was raised to build more. Each home costs $7,500 to build. The GoFundMe campaign started by Infinity Ministries reached their goal in 45 days.

Each home has fold-down bed, a dual heat and air conditioning unit and a mini fridge. Each home offers the privacy of a door and a solid roof over the heads of people who had none before.

Infinity Village is located on the grounds of Green Street Church of Christ. There is room on the grounds for additional homes and donations can be made on the GoFundMe page homelessvillage.