Men Try To Make It Through a Work Day Wearing Heels

The men at Stylist magazine were asked to try it out for a day. Four men by the names of Sam, Lee, Tom and Dan, took on the task of wearing high heels for a day and soon realised it wasn’t as easy as we women make it seem.

The men of Stylist seem to know that they’re in trouble right from the start, as one compares his stilettos to wearing ice skates and another says, “I’m not going to lie—I think I might break my ankles.”

The obstacles they encounter will be familiar to most women: stairs, cobblestones, a grassy lawn (“How are they doing it? How’s the heel not sinking into the grass?”).

A pair of the men attempt to totter across a busy road without getting mowed down, while one of their colleagues tries running to catch a bus.