Men Caught Stealing A Baby Goose From Its Mother In Stanley Park

James Beer recorded the video near Lost Lagoon after witnessing a cyclist attempting to take the gosling. Beer said he saw the stranger stomp at the gosling’s parents to chase them off before picking up one of the palm-sized baby birds.

He said he heard the man say he was going to take the bird home, then saw him put it in his shirt.

Beer then took out his phone and confronted the person, saying, “Put it back, dude. Put it back. I’ve got you on camera.”

The man is seen lowering the chirping bird to the ground, then the gosling scampers back to its parents.

Canada geese are protected under both federal and provincial laws, meaning those caught violating the Migratory Birds Convention Act or B.C.’s Wildlife Act can be fined for their actions.

In this case, Environment Canada would only confirm that wildlife officers will follow up when complaints are received.

Beer said he reported the incident to the BC SPCA, but officials said there was nothing they could do since they couldn’t identify the man in the video.