Meet Matt Stutzman, The Amazing Armless Archer!

All of us face challenges in our lives. That said, few have endured the challenges Matt Stutzman has faced. Born without both of his arms, Matt’s biological parents left him for adoption. His adopted parents raised him with a tough mindset; he would have to adapt to his surroundings, handicap or not.

A series of life events convinced Matt to teach himself the art of archery. He taught himself how to shoot a compound bow, using only his feet and chin!

Shooting a bow is but one of many things that Stutzman has learned to do without arms. In fact, Matt can do a lot of things better than people with regular arms. His positive attitude, coupled with willingness to succeed, has taken him far.

How far, you ask? Recently, Matt was named a new world record holder, for the longest accurate archery shot. This incredible feat was accomplished by sinking an arrow into a target, from over 300 yards away!

There’s no doubt about it: Matt Stutzman is a man we all can learn from. His amazing story continues to form a lasting impact, not only for the world of archery, but for humanity as a whole!