Meet Darius: The World’s Biggest Bunny That May Soon Be Outgrown By His Son

Darius is one huge rabbit, measuring a total of 4 feet 4 inches long and weighing an incredible 49 pounds.

Darius is undeniably HUGE but he might not remain the world’s biggest bunny for long. Darius’ son Jeff is already 3 feet 8 inches and at only one year he still has six more months of growing left to do, meaning he may soon outgrow his giant father.

Jeffery and Darius both live in Bromsgrove, England with their owner Annette Edwards. The 63-year-old has her hands full with her huge rabbits, forking over $7,451 (£5,000) to feed the rabbits every year.

Together, the father and son can easily consume 2,000 carrots and 700 apples in one year. On top of fruits and veggies the rabbits eat a large dog bowl stuffed with specialty bunny food each day, along with a bale of hay each week.