Master Thieves Break Into Local Business Wearing “Underwear Masks”

It looks as if people in Texas are replacing their daily jog with a casual break-in at a local business. That is the only way to explain the nonchalance on this man’s face as he climbs in through the window of Enchanted Rock and Landscape Supplies.

The security footage shows the suspect crawling into the building at a leisurely pace, clearly in no hurry to finish the job before being caught by police. But his relaxed attitude is not the worst part of his mission, his choice of attire is. Yes, the man chose to hide his face behind a pair of underwear. And his plan may have worked, if only he wasn’t showing his whole face through the leg of his underwear.

It also doesn’t help that the man looks straight at the camera before skulking past the camera to continue his mission.

Despite the fact that this man revealed himself to all who would see the security footage, the Leander Police Department is still looking to identify and apprehend him.