Maria Popazov – Seductive Contortionist Balances On Her Teeth

Maxim and Maria Popazov are both masters at balancing and contortionism, but as they admitted backstage of America’s Got Talent, the couple cannot work together without getting on each other’s nerves, so they decided to try out with separate acts.

Maxim came out first and wowed the crowd with an amazing routine in which he balanced chairs on top of one another and then climbed them, adding more as he ascended higher and higher.

The judges were blown away by his act, and told Maria as much when she came out. Undeterred, the stunning performer confidently declared her intention to give them an impressive display of physical prowess, and she didn’t disappoint.

Like her husband, Maria showed off her jaw-dropping talent at balancing in precarious positions — and then she took her act to a whole other level with some amazing contortion tricks, all while balancing by nothing more than the strength of her teeth.