Man Waits Patiently For Police To Arrive As A Burglar Breaks Into His House

The footage – believed to have been taken in Glasgow, Scotland – shows the thief trying to smash into the property with a crowbar. He had thought the house was empty but someone was home and – as he started hacking away at the door – the person was dialling 999.

As they waited for the cops to arrive, the homeowner filmed the would-be intruder’s hapless attempts to break in. Wearing a black baseball cap and orange gloves, he tries to pry open the lock with the crowbar.

The thief looks around to check for witnesses but fails to spot the open window directly above him.

Suddenly, a police officer sneaks up behind him and appears to strike him across the back of the leg with his baton, screaming: “Get down, get down.”

“Aye, you got me,” the suspect cries as his face gets pressed to the concrete.

Officers remove the crowbar and kneel over him, shouting: “Put your hands behind your back.”

One of the cops then drags the man to his feet and leads him away in handcuffs.