The Man Who Uses A Flamethrower To Clear His Driveway Of Snow

One man has found a neat way to avoid the laborious work of clearing the driveway of snow use a flamethrower.

Nathanael Caplinger hit upon the idea when he read a magazine advertisement for a handheld flamethrower which highlighted its usefulness in clearing snow.

He first checked with state and local laws then consulted with officials about whether it was legal to use flames to clear snow.

When he got the all clear, he bought one of the torches, putting it to good use when snow fell at his home in Amherst, southwest Virginia.

In a video posted on social media, Caplinger casually turns the flames onto the snow outside his home, melting it with ease, though the effect on the concrete itself is hard to see.

He told ABC affiliate WSET that he hates shoveling snow but emphasized the importance of using the device safely. WSET reported that a local public safety official in said that while Caplinger’s method worked, it may not be for everybody.