Man Uses a Live African Cheetah As a Pillow

A self-described animal advocate with a zoology degree, Dolph has served as a volunteer keeper at the South African Cheetah Experience, where he met Eden. He hopes people will better understand the nuanced personalities and characteristics of these big cats.

Faith here, is a female African Cheetah with a handicap. She was born with sterile meningitis that affected her bone, joint, and nervous system. She is still a Cheetah and loved spending her nights with Dolph inside her enclosure. Faith loved snuggling up close and sharing a sleepover.

She discovered the softest spot in the cement box, the pillow. Dolph wasn’t going to force her off of it and so asked her politely if he could use her as a pillow and she did not mind. Big Cats love sharing the warmth and often lay right next and op top of each other.

It is a survival instinct and quite natural.