Man Trolls Festival-Goers By Selling Hot Dog Water For $38 And People Actually Bought It

Someone sold unfiltered ‘Hot Dog Water’ at a Canadian festival for $38 per bottle, and people actually bought it with hopes it would help them lose weight.

During Vancouver’s annual Car Free Day festival, Hot Dog Water CEO Douglas Bevans decided to bring a more outlandish item to sell and see if people would actually shell out money for his invention.

The unfiltered beverage comes in a sleek glass bottle with its own floating hot dog inside and was advertised to help someone ‘lose weight, increase brain function, look younger, (and) increase vitality,’ according to one of the booth’s signs.

The water was created by boiling hot dogs in a large pot before pouring the liquid into the clear bottles.

Also on sale was Hot Dog Water lip balm, breath spray and body fragrance.

Hot Dog Water was also advertised as gluten-free, Keto diet-compatible and rich in sodium, according to Global News.

For $38 per bottle, anyone could purchase the water and ‘hopefully’ experience the benefits as advertised.

But purchasers should’ve read the fine print about the item before pulling out their wallet.

In the fine print, the sign describing the newest fad read: ‘Hot Dog Water in its absurdity hopes to encourage critical thinking related to product marketing and the significant role it can play in our purchasing choices.’

Douglas, an artist and tour operator by trade, first hatched the idea in a dream as something that would be what he called the ‘snake oil salesman’ – a phrase which describes someone who sells fraudulent products – of health marketing.

The goal was for people to step away from the booth and rethink some of the products they’ve bought into that have no scientific proof.

But the lesson was not cheap for Douglas. He ended up paying close to $1,200 to purchase the bottles, labels, branding and other items.