Man Stuns Scientists By Conducting 20,000 Volts

Slavisa Pajkic from Serbia holds two Guinness records for his body’s extraordinary conductive powers.

In 1983 he set his first Guinness record allowing a 20,000 Volts current to pass through his body without so much as a flinch. In 2003 he managed to set another record being the quickest person to heat up a cup of water. Using his own body he managed to boil the water to 97 degrees Celsius in just 1 minute and 37 seconds.

The Battery Man says he isn’t almighty, but he travels across the globe in order to help people with migraine, sinus and back problems with his amazing powers of controlling electricity without harming his own body. Slavisa also says he wants to set a third Guinness record. He hopes to succeed in becoming a wireless laser man. How could he do that? By charging his body on a million-volt power generator and shooting the voltage through his fingers.

Scientists are stunned by Slavisa, but still can’t find an explanation for his supernatural powers.