Man Sprays WD40 To Remove Wife’s Peel Off Mask Stuck To Skin

A not-so-glamorous grandmother found herself in a VERY sticky situation after she used a ‘peel off’ face mask that became stuck to her skin leading to pained howls as her husband tried to scrub it off using WD40.

The 51-year-old from Bollington, Cheshire claims that she was forced to seek help from her husband after the £10 mask wouldn’t come off, having to turn to WD40 cleaning agent and a scouring pad to prise the caked product from her face.

The footage shows Linda’s anguished face as her husband Keith, 57, sprays the oil, usually used for lubricating metal and tries to peel it from her cheeks with Linda squirming and yelping as he uses the substance on her face.