This Man Shared His Secret In Making Crispy Chicken, And It’s Very Easy To Do!

A crispy skin is a requisite for an excellent grilled chicken. Bar your health concerns, this is one of the best cheat meals you can have at home.

Many dismiss cooking crispy chicken as a very easy task to do but even chefs agree that it is more difficult than what you think it is.

Moisture is the number one enemy and don’t even wonder why your meal looks limp even it overstayed in the oven.

Well, the solution is not rocket science either. Salt, cold air and some hot water will do. Sprinkle some salt in your beloved chicken then leave it in the fridge for two hours. After such, pour some boiling water in it. Yes, that chicken is already ready to be subjected in the oven!

Forty minutes later in the oven, see the difference between a scalded chicken to plain looking one.