Man Performs Exorcism On Train As Possessed Woman Screams Devil In Front Of Commuters

A smartly dressed man performed an ‘exorcism’ on a busy train as a woman screamed ‘devil’ in front of shocked commuters. Footage of the bizarre incident was captured by a fellow passenger traveling on the underground in Mexico City.

The man can be heard saying: “In the name of Jesus, leave!” and “You need to leave in the name of Jesus. You need to go.”

The woman seems to agree she is possessed and says: “Yes, that. Get out, get out,” before saying: “The blood of Jesus has the power to release me from all my sins.” However, she then begins to lash out at the man trying to apparently exorcise her, hitting him with a large umbrella. The man is not deterred however and carries on telling the seemingly confused woman: “I forgive you.”

The woman, who has not been identified repeats “devil” over and over again, while some of the passengers on the train can be seen collecting their things and moving down the wagon.