Man Parks His Bike Down The Street To Steal A Truck, Then Comes Back To The Scene To Pick Up His Bike Gets Hit By A Car And Arrested

A dramatic attempt to steal a motorbike which resulted in a police chase and head-on smash has been captured on video. The shocking scene which has been dubbed ‘ Grand Theft Batley ’ has gone viral on social media after the incident outside Jem Speed Shop at Brookroyd Mills in Bradford Road.

Josh Gudgeon, who captured the video, told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner: “ Police were at the engineering firm behind us after they’d had a flat bed truck stolen.

“We have loads of CCTV and they watched it and worked out the truck thief had arrived on a stolen bike which he’d parked outside our shop.

“As police were watching the footage, a guy on a motorbike pulls up and his passenger runs out to retrieve the stolen bike which he’d left earlier as he’d driven off in a stolen van.

“The first bike leaves but the second one is struck by a Jag as a police officer and a customer ran to stop him.”