Man Left In Blue As Pals Prank Him By Wearing As Smurf On Day Out

Two UK fellows decided to prank their mate Darren by telling him they were hitting the town dressed up as Smurfs. But they weren’t.

Smurfs, as you may well remember, are those little blue guys who wear white clothes. And you can’t reasonably dress up as a Smurf without painting either part or all of your body blue. Which is what poor Darren did, because he’s a man who commits to his costume.

Rather than blowing up or just going home, Darren climbs into the car ready for a good night.

“Come on, let’s go to Darts,” he says.

(Darts, in this instance refers to the pub they were head to, not a packet of ciggies)

Because nothing gets in the way of a good party, even being coated in blue body paint.