Man Flies First Class Across The World For £50

A man has filmed a ludicrous life experience which saw him fly first class from Hong Kong to New York for just 50GBP – saving a staggering 13,000GBP (18,000USD) in the process.

Ramy Wahby filmed the extravagant journey as he travelled on Cathay Pacific Airlines from Hong Kong International to John F. Kennedy Airport, on October 9, 2017.

The engineer used the 70,000 air miles he has racked up, as well as an additional 56GBP (76USD) in order to fund the 8,000-mile trip.

Not missing out on a single perk, Ramy was served caviar and champagne for dinner in his own private cabana in the airport – an experience that included a rain shower bath tub and complimentary foot rub.