Man Finds His Stolen Dog After Two Years

This is the adorable moment a dog is reunited with his owner after he was stolen over two-years-ago. In the heartwarming clip, the dog clearly remembers his old best friend as he leaps into his arms and covers his face in kisses.

Jose, from Columbus, Wisconsin, told Winnebago County Animal Services : “I didn’t think I would ever see my dog again.”

Jose bought his dog Chaos as a pup, but soon fell on hard times after going through a divorce and was forced to live in his vehicle.

A friend of a friend took the dog in for Jose while he tried to get back on his feet, but three months later, refused to give the animal back. It was two years after Chaos was taken away that Jose received an email reminding him his dog’s microchip information update was due.

The animal shelter informed Jose that a woman had found his dog in her driveway in South Beloit, in Illinois, with his collar still attached and an ID number.

Thankfully, Jose still had the same contact information and was immediately informed by the shelter that his dog was ready to be picked up. An hour and a half drive later and Jose was reunited with Chaos, which the Winnebago County Animal Services documented in this video.

At first Chaos seems hesitant and timid, but soon recognizes his friend and is beside himself in doggie happiness.

It just goes to show that while weeks, months, or even years may go by, your dog will never forget you.