Man Drives 14 Miles On The Interstate With A Drunk Guy Sleeping On Top Of His Car Without Realizing

It was a bizarre story out of Memphis, after a drunk man passed out on top of the trunk of a parked car and then its owner drove away with no idea.

Carl Webb and his wife were leaving a barbecue fest in Downtown Memphis and when they left they were unexpectedly pulled over by police.

“The officer came up and he said, ‘Mr. are you aware there’s a body on your trunk?’, Carl said. “That did not register. He goes, ‘Mr. I’m not messing with you. There’s a body on your trunk.’ So I got out. We walked around and sure enough there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there.”

Carl drove 14 miles with the uninvited and unaware passenger on his trunk. The man was later woken up by police and was later detained.