Man Casually Eats Raw Steak Dripping With Blood Outside Vegan Festival

A pony-tailed man, who was wearing a black vest with the slogan ‘Go vegan and die’, stood outside the Vegan Food Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as people queued for the event.

His actions caused festival-goers to call the police who questioned the man after disgusted vegans complained that the blood was ‘literally dripping off the piece of meat’

Footage filmed by an eyewitness shows the guy continuing to casually chew his way through the raw steak as shocked vegans complain to a police officer. At one point, a woman can be heard crying in shock: “He is just eating it,” talk about stating the obvious.

The man was apparently reluctant to leave the festival at first, as there was no rule that stated that he could not stand in front of the festival grounds.

However, eventually he relented and police later confirmed that no arrests had been made.