How To Make The Perfect Pineapple Upside Down Cake Using a Mug

This is for those of you who love cake no matter the flavour or ingredients. For starters, there is pineapple involved.

Those who would spend all day gladly munching away at this massive and delicious tropical fruit will find themselves eager to try this simple recipe.

What’s more, those who love a good upside down cake shall feel like Christmas came incredibly early with this cool looking little treat.

Furthermore, the size bears mentioning. This is perhaps best of all; with it being able to fit in a mug, it is both a slightly healthier option and also an excellent and simple way to make individual servings for you and any guests present.

So if you love cake (of which we’re almost certain that most of you do), then pay attention and bake to your heart’s content. It’s a very fun, quick, and simple recipe for a tasty dessert.