Mailman Clips Mailbox, Falls Out And Gets Run Over By His Own Truck Before It Hits A House

A mailman in Oklahoma City was forced to suffer through multiple trials and tribulations, beginning when his vehicle clipped a mailbox. The mailman then fell out of his truck, which ran him over. Miraculously, he gets up immediately and runs after his truck, which continues straight into a house.

Unfortunately for the postman, his woes are not quite yet over.

As he runs after his truck, he falls in a Superman formation to the ground and does a 360-degree roll. But the indestructible postman picks himself up once more and runs to his truck. He backs out of the mess, parks alongside the street and calmly gets out of his truck to begin anew.

Video taken from a nearby home’s surveillance shows the entire ordeal of the postman. Thankfully, he was okay minus a few cuts and scrapes