Lyft Driver Abandons Customer In Parking Lot Over Low Profit

An airline pilot who ordered a Lyft so he could catch his flight says he was dropped off in a random parking lot instead after the driver realized he would only be making $6 from the trip.

Darryl, a pilot for a major airline who didn’t want his last name used or his employer identified, was on a tight schedule when he used the ride-hailing service to try and get to the Los Angeles International Airport.

His initial ride was canceled after the Lyft driver realized he was already 15 minutes away from where Darryl was staying. The second driver who responded happened to be coming from LAX when he agreed to pick up Darryl, the pilot says.

In uniform at the time, Darryl told the driver he was a pilot and explained he needed to be at the airport by 7:30 a.m. to catch a flight. He says he even showed the man his rank and wings.

But the driver was frustrated by the fact he had to return to the airport, Darryl says. After only going a short distance, the man decided he would drop his passenger off in a parking lot.

Darryl began recording the incident when he realized he was getting kicked out of the car.

The pilot says the driver should only have been able to refuse a ride if there was “inappropriate behavior” on the part of the passenger, which was not the case.

After the incident, Darryl contacted company officials to inform them of what happened on his initial ride. He was told they take these matters seriously and was assured he would never be paired with that same driver.

Darryl says even though he’s displeased with the company’s response to his complaint, he will continue to use the ride-hailing services.

After he was dropped off in the parking lot, he called for another Lyft, which took him the rest of the way to LAX. Darryl says he’s grateful to that driver.