Love Wonderful Chocolate Recipes? Try This Fully Edible Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Dessert Bowls

Who knew that you would be using a water ballon as a tool to make a dessert. Well, that is exactly what you will need to make this easy but rich chocolate piece of heaven.

Everything about these Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Dessert Bowls make my mouth water.

Besides it being a phenomenal tasting dessert, it is also super unique since the dessert is inside a dessert. It is pretty clear that the bowl is made of chocolate but there is a huge surprise inside.

The inside of this dessert is Nutella mousse, drizzled with 100% Nutella. Then, if that is not delicious enough, you get to top it with a Ferrero Rocher candy.

Basically you really can’t go wrong with making this wonderful dessert.

RECIPE: (Makes 4 bowls)
300ml whipping cream *about a 35% milk fat
100g Nutella (2-3 big spoonfuls for the mousse, depending on how hazel-nutty you want it + extra to drizzle)
400g melted milk or dark chocolate
1 Cup crushed peanuts
Ferrero Rocher chocolates to garnish