Louisville Jail Humiliates Female Defendant by Bringing Her to Court With No Pants

A Louisville judge, Amber Wolf, becomes visibly and emotionally upset, once she discovers that a black female defendant was brought into her courtroom without wearing pants.

On the courtroom video, the defendant is heard stating that she was arrested in Fayette County (metro-Lexington area) approximately 2-3 days prior. It is unclear whether she was wearing pants at the time of her arrest but the woman claims that she was denied pants and any personal hygiene products by the staff at the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections – despite numerous requests.

Upon entering the courtroom, the woman walks directly behind the podium designated for defendants, so at this point the judge is unaware that she is pantless. Wolf asks her, “Do you have other charges? Have you ever picked up other charges?”

The woman responds that she has not. Wolf raises her eyebrows with a confused look on her face and says, “Okay, I’m not accepting this sentence… That’s ridiculous.” She follows with, “I’m sentencing you to a…” – but before she could finish her sentence, she discovers that the woman isn’t wearing pants.

The judge finally reaches an official at the jail and expresses her extreme dissatisfaction with the circumstances. She then advises whoever is on the phone that she is not releasing the defendant from the court’s custody until a pair of pants are brought to the courtroom.

After the clothing arrives and the defendant is properly dressed, Wolf brings the woman out and issues her an apology before she orders her immediate release from jail.