Local Reveals Huge Cracks In Road During Hawaii Volcano Eruption

Ten thousand Hawaii residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes after the Big Island’s Kilauea volcano erupted and began spewing lava and deadly gases into the air. The eruption was accompanied by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake, followed by hundreds of smaller tremors

Warning sirens sounded across the Big Island at 4.30pm on Thursday as Hawaii County Civil Defense urged residents of Leilani Estates, in Puna, to flee the approaching lava streams.

A 492ft fissure opened in the ground with lava flowing from it for around two hours, officials said, with magma a few feet before stopping. Geologists warned the eruption is still ongoing. Dangerously high levels of sulfur dioxide have also been detected in the air, which is harmful to humans if breathed in and can cause acid rain after combining with water.

In this video a local man reveals the terrifyingly huge cracks that have appeared in the road during the Kilauea volcano eruption.

The crater floor of the Puu Oo vent collapsed during the tremors, earlier this week, which sent lava flowing ten miles down the mountain towards the community on the southeast coastline. The U.S. Geological Survey says new ground cracks were reported Thursday afternoon. Hot vapor emerged from a crack and spattering lava began to erupt.